is the start-up that created the EOS Blockchain, the objective of this platform is to provide decentralized application hosting, with the ability to execute intelligent contracts and decentralized storage enterprise solutions that solve blockchain scalability problems such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that the domain name “” would have been sold for more than $30M.

This transaction was managed by the hosting company GoDaddy.

This purchase may seem totally incredible, but it was very thoughtful. A few weeks ago, announced “Voice”, a social network entirely based on the Blockchain to “give control back to the users“.

“Voice” is a word that is recognized worldwide, and it also refers to billions of results on the Internet. It is also an asset to help the company to link this word to its company. It is certainly a risky bet, but far from being silly.

Short words in domain names are very expensive because they are very easy to remember.

However, we are not really worried about them, in fact, the ICO of EOS brings more than $400 million for the team behind the project.

Those number makes us feel dizzy.

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