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Nom ICOBOW Token
Date de débutavril 01, 2019
Date de finnovembre 30, 2019
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dans 1 Mois
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Sector of activity : Luxury                                             Registered society : YES



Original brand of mustache shaped bow ties created by Aurore Petit whose launching is expected for July 2019, Bowtie Barber also proposes to provide a solution to threats linked to counterfeits on the luxury market.

In a context of growth going together with an increase in number of fake and counterfeit, BOW APP by Bowtie-Barber, with Blockchain will attempt to find a solution for this issue. Blockchain's capacity to provide an efficient solution regarding traceability and proof of authenticity represents an innovative opportunity to contain this problem.

Opportunity for the growing market of second hand products as well, certified and protected. Bowtie Barber intend not to leave any room of maneuver de manœuvre to counterfeiting.

Products and functionalities


Bowtie Barber proposes its new concept of moustache shaped bow ties. Re-imagined for today's fashion, this bow tie answers to a need for men to be able to diversify their wardrobe and clothing accessories, with original bow ties at their disposal. Bowtie Barber wants to meet an increasing demand on a continuously increasing market.


Combining under a QR Code, informations related to a product authenticity (production date, production location, journey from production to selling point, les pesticides used, purchase price…) accessible through an application on a smartphone and a QR Code directly found on the product. Application's operation lies within the powerful Blockchain technology. A blockchain entirely dedicated to the application will be conceived.


This management software with its redistributed database will be put at the actors'disposal in the aim to simplify exchange of information concerning the products. Also linked to BOW APP, this software will be a guarantee of transparency for the professionals toward the customer base that will be able to access informations on the product's quality thanks to the application.

Fund raising will be used to finance Bow APP, Bow SOFTWARE and the Bowtie Barber society, including bow ties production.

Bowtie-Barber « Full » This bow tie made of an attachment, a knot as well as a cut and folded part giving the front side a moustache shape. Several shape variants will be available. As well as the option to double the moustache on the front side.

Bowtie-Barber « Hybrid » This bow tie made of an attachment, as well as a cut and folded part giving the front side a hybrid shape : That is, on one side the shape of an usual bow tie on the front doubled with a mustache shape on the back. On the other side, the shape of an usual moustache on the back double with the shape of a moustache on the front..

2 flagship products that will be the spear edge of Bowtie Barber throughout its market penetration.
Concerning the application and software, nothing has been started yet, only existing prototypes are those of bow ties.

Contribution on the market

Bowtie Barber and its application and software aim at solving a major problem met by the luxury industry, counterfeit, also in constant growth. Bow token, bow app and bow software aim at providing a simple, efficient and cheap solution. It would integrate the possibility to track a product from production to the customer with a very low risk of falsification. A solution that would suit the different actors of the sector whose products are in limited number and numbered.



Will be used the private distributed registry Quorum, based on Ethereum and a fork of go-Ethereum,Quorum used a consensus based on a RAFT and Istanbul BFT (a consensus algorithm based on the algorithm Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant Algorithm), that allows fast transactions speed and a superior flow compared to decentralized Blockchains.

Quorum is a contractual smart platform designed for companies' applications.
Quorum has already proven its capacity and is an adequate solution for any company eager to integrate a Blockchain in its functioning, its solution in authorized registry gives it an exceptional security for traceability, considering it can only be modified by authorized staff.


token : BT
Price : $ 0,4
Bonus : YES
Token type : ERC-20 (tokens with dividends)
Platform : Ethereum
Total issue : 25M
Accepting : ETH, BTC, fiat
Minimum investment : $ 10
Soft cap : $ 3M
Hard cap : $ 6M
Whitelist/KYC : Yes
Restricted areas : Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and North Korea

Hard cap is estimated at 6M USD. Soft cap is at 3M.
Unsold tokens will be used at the discretion of the society.
Total supply is of 25M tokens, which is realistic and sufficient. In case of success, token's worth would rapidly gain in value.

Tokens allocation

  • Pre- ICO (12%) (3.000.000 BOW)
  • ICO (60%) (15.000.000 BOW)
  • Team (12%) (3.000.000 BOW)
  • Partners (5%) (1.250.000 BOW)
  • Reserves (4%) (1.000.000 BOW)
  • Advisors (3%) (750.000 BOW)
  • Bounty (2%) (500.000 BOW)
  • Airdrop (2%) (500.000 BOW)


Their progress ?

March 2018 to December 2018

  • Concept development
  • Project implementation
  • Whitepaper creation, Business plan

January 2019 to March 2019

  • Team implementation

March 2019 to April 2019

  • Launch of the bounty

May 15, 2019 to June 15, 2019

  • Pre-ICO, current funding 130 000 USD.

July 15, 2019 to November 15, 2019

  • ICO

July 2019 to June 2020

  • Application development start

September 2019 to October 2019

  • BowToken is spread on different exchanges platforms

January 2020

  • BowToken becomes a mean to pay on the official Bowtie Barber app

Bowtie Barber is at its pre-ICO, bounties have been launched, so far the project development is going as intended, according to plan.


5M tokens for the first 2 rounds at a price of 0,32$ and 0,36$ for a token 20% then eau bonuses. Interesting and credible prices for the first rounds with advantages unfavorable for smaller investors. No risk of pump and dump.


Aurore PETIT
Founder & CEO

Quaified artist in fashion design and modeling, Aurore works for Dior where she will spend 5 years sharpening her skills. Today, she manages a successful society of tailored suits.

Since 2017 she's been working on her new project, Bowtie barber and BowToken. Her ambition is to bring a solution to challenges like traceability and falsification in order to protect her future products.

Jean-Jacques SEBBAG
Partner Bow Token

CEO Swarovski France, President & CEO VFB Lingerie. Major asset in this project, Mr.Sebbag brings his experience in the Bowtie Barber project as well as his network. A real advantage for Bowtie Barber.

Comercial Manager

Purchase Expert, Sales, Merchandising, Account management, Premium and Luxury man clothing.

Growth Hacking Advisor

Marketing Manager, ICO advisor. His statuses as ICO Bench Expert and member of the IMMO gathering the best advisors in the Blockchain world allows Bryan to represent the investment fund Faster Capital, as a mentor.

Investment Advisor

Advise start-ups and ICOs since 2 years in their general development. Rewarded several times for his strategic innovations and interviewed in several medias like Forbes about his success in ICO consulting during a bearish market, He is the CEO of his own company.


Swarowski is Bowtie Barber's privileged partner in this project. Will follow, Bowtie Barber itself that will use its own system. As well as 57 facettes and amaris.

Bowtie Barber also uses diamonds from SWAROWSKI in the design of some of its products.

Market analysis

  • Market of strong growth potential
  • 262 Mds USD of turnover for 2017 +7%,
  • 400 Mds USD of turnover for 2018 +8%
  • 500 Mds USD of counterfeits products in 2017
  • 200 000 jobs threatened

A growing market in which new products are welcome to satisfy a customer base always in quest of novelty.
Clothing and accessories represents 53% of the market.

Added value 

Yearly redistribution of profits in the form of dividends
Counterfeit is a real problem with a real need of a solution without any company really providing anything so far.
Support of a famous brand, SWAROWSKI


  • LVMH also looking for a way to track its product and avoid counterfeits.
  • Vechain, direct competitor in the domain but not only limited to the luxury sector.
  • Arianee, also a direct competitor in the same domain, with a digital identity system whose goal is to solve the same problem as Bowtie Barber.

Community support


Twitter :
50 to 150RT in average
Twitter Audit Verified

Telegram :
98K members on the community telegram, 78K for the announcement channel

A page for the project, and 15 for bounties

Strengths and weaknesses


Qualified team
Luxury market with high potential
Innovative idea
Partnership with Swarowski
2019 is a good year for ICOs
Credible project


Strong competition
Possibly difficult market penetration qui peut s’avérer difficile
No guarantee on their expected sales



Even if there is a strong competition on the market, Bow-token has several potentially interesting offers.

Its application is unique on the market allowing to have informations on any product, about its supply chain, used materials, the travelled distance from its production location or assembly, fair trade and the ecological impact of the product's supply chain. The project seems ambitious, but with a committed CEO like Aurore Petit with Swarovski by her side, it has a great potential of success.

Responsable commercial
Blockchain Development Manager
Innovation Business Manager
Web Designer
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